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by May 23, 2017Community

Slugging, or “casual carpooling,” allows commuters to take advantage of HOV and HOT express lanes along the I-95/495/395 corridors for faster and more cost-effective commutes. This mutual benefit created the long-standing slugging community and current sluglines. However, it has been difficult for commuters to establish new slugging routes. Unsuccessful attempts to establish new slugging routes have shown that traditional slugging works only where there is a consistent critical-mass concentration of commuters.

Sameride Commute solution available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone that takes advantage of smartphone technology to create new slugging routes along the I-95/495/395 corridors. By using an app on your smartphone, Sameride enables commuters to use slugging for routes with a lower concentration of commuters.

Sameride Commute extends slugging to Tysons Corner (Tysons, VA). Commuters will start their commutes from their home locations in Woodbridge/Dale City, Stafford, or Fredericksburg. Drivers and passengers will meet at a Sameride pickup location at one of the Commuter Lots next to I-95 to carpool to their work locations in Tysons Corner.

With Sameride Commute solution, commuters will be able to create new slugging routes with a lower concentration of commuters. Drivers and riders can define new slugging routes, create awareness of new pickup and drop-off locations, and ensure availability of passengers and drivers to share rides. All through a mobile app on an IPhone, Android or Windows Phone device.

Efficient real-time ridesharing with Sameride helps drivers & riders find each other along normal commuting routes.

Sameride Commute solution also solves issues that may have prevented some from participating in the current slugline process. With the current process, the wait time in a slugline is unpredictable and may result in not finding a driver or passenger to the desired destination. Current sluglines are active during a narrow time window of peak traffic congestion. Using a mobile app community, Sameride is able to remove these limitations, extending real-time ridesharing to new commuters, increasing the number of carpool and rideshare participants.

Sameride Commuter Community is a team of commuters including sluggers, drivers, software developers, designers and transportation professionals that are united around the goal to bring technological innovations into commuting. Sameride Commute helps drivers and passengers to find each other for the shared commute.

The next step in development of the Sameride will be to expend its operations to other Washington, DC metro area destinations with commuting routes along express lanes as well as other metro areas such as San Francisco, Houston, Miami.

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