On-demand carpool for express lanes commute


Enter your info to join a route of your commute.


Sameride helps commuters get to work and back home faster and cost-effectively.

With just a mobile device commuters share rides and find commuting partners a week or a few hours before their commute.

Сommute for free as a rider or drive toll-free along HOV / HOT express lanes avoiding traffic!

Sameride provides on-demand carpools for express lanes commute. Our solutions make slugging (casual carpooling) more predictable and allow drivers and passengers to connect for rideshare and take advantage of HOV / HOT express lanes for faster, cost-effective commute and avoid traffic congestion. It is the alternative to driving alone, taking commuter bus, train, vanpool, carpool or slugging. Using mobile phones, you are able to commute for free as a rider or drive toll-free as a driver on express lanes along I-10, I-45, I-66, I-75, I-80, I-95, I-395, I-495, I-580, I-595, I-680, I-880, US 59, SR 237, US 290, etc.


Commute faster

You save time by using the HOV/HOT express lanes.

Commute flexible

You choose when, from / to where and how (ride or drive) you commute.

Commute and save

You save on HOT express lanes toll or by riding instead of driving.

Commute once or every day

You commit only to rides you offered, joined or requested.



How it works

During registration commuters specify their home and office zip codes. This allows to join one or more commuting routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why express lanes can be used for free?

Typically High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) express lanes allow cars with 2, 3 or more people to travel toll-free. Check express lanes rules specific to your commute.

Do commuters have to commute at specific time and from/to specific locations?

No. Commuters offer/request or join/accept rides with time and locations that work best for a specific commute. The most frequently our commuters strart the morning commute from a commuter parking lot to their office building and commute backwards in the afternoon.

Do commuters need to commit to use Sameride every day or every commute?

No. Commuters don’t have to commit to share commute every time. The commitments are only for rides that the commuter has offered/requested or joined/accepted. Commuters can cancel their commitment for the coming ride anytime. Just be respectful to the fellow commuters.

How much Sameride solution costs?

Our basic solution will be always free. We are planning to introduce freemium model offering premium features for monthly subscription fee. If you want to make financial contribution or help in kind before we introduce freemium model, reach us using contacts below.