Add Home Area

The first home and work areas are to be added right after signup and they are required to use the app.

To add additional home map areas or update existing:

  1. Open Menu. Select Areas in the menu list. You will go to the “Areas” screen.
  2. Click the plus button . Select Home button .
  3. Choose an area on the map. You can switch between “Map” or “Satellite” mode with the layers button . To choose area use one of the options:
    • Drag the map to position the map under the home pin .
    • Start typing an address in the input. Then you can choose your address from the auto suggestion list.
    • Click Current location button to choose your current place.
  4. Select a desired radius around the pinned point. Click Radius button and increase or decrease the radius clicking plus or minus buttons.
  5. Tap Add home area button at the bottom of the screen.

When you search locations on the map some of them may not have addresses and the button Add home area will be inactive (grey colored). In such case re-position the map slightly.

Allow Sameride app to access your current device’s location. Location access will help center the map while adding your areas.

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