The first day of Sameride App in Singapore and Johor

Sameride App had over 500 ride offers and requests created in its first day of operation in Singapore and Johor, Malaysia

SINGAPORE, December 30, 2019 – Sameride App has experienced much higher than expected demand from commuters in Singapore and Johor, Malaysia.

On December 30th, 2019 Sameride App became operational in Singapore and Johor, Malaysia with over 500 ride offers and requests created. Sameride has summarized questions from its first users and media in the Johor-Singapore region.
How Sameride fulfill regulatory requirements similar to other taxi apps?

Sameride app is a communication platform for people commuting between the same Areas and in the same time frame. App users set the Home and Work Areas to be matched with others having similar Home and Work Areas. In addition, the App allows to set commute Schedule of commute weekdays and time.

The communication is initiated when drivers create ride offers or riders create ride requests. Commuters with the overlapping Home Areas, Work Areas, and Schedules are able to see those offers and requests and communicate with each other. The app allows creating not more than 2 offers or requests daily fulfilling LTA requirements to carpools.

Sameride does not operate a fleet of cars or hire drivers to provide rides. it is not a taxi app. It is a rather messaging and social platform with grouping by Home Areas, Work Areas, and Schedule. So, similarly to the messaging and social platforms, usage of Sameride app is not subject to regulation.

What are the criteria to join Sameride app?

Both riders and drivers use the same app and have the same sign-up process providing their names.
The app will feature rating system to help in carpool partner selection.

How much does ride cost and how to pay?

Sameride does not regulate the cost of the ride, Sameride app can be compared to the marketplace platform but with rides as “traded goods”. So, Sameride commuters mutually agree on ride costs.
At the moment Sameride App does not facilitate the transfer of payments between its users.

Is Sameride App available only for Johor – Singapore commuters?

Sameride App is available globally but is especially beneficial for commuters using highly congested routes. Even though Johor-Singapore is one of such routes, the majority of Sameride app users both live and work in Singapore.

Any group of commuters can use Sameride app to build ecosystem of on-demand carpoolers for their mutual benefits. For example, if you live in a residential area and commute to the business area, probably a few more people do the same. So, Sameride app helps to bring commuters together for on-demand carpools.

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