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What is Sameride?

Sameride helps you commute better in Australia.
Get to work and back home faster, predictably and cost-effectively. Take advantage of T2/T3 Transit Lanes, avoiding and reducing traffic congestion.

Share rides and find carpooling partners on-demand. Be a part of the Commuter Community of your friends, colleagues and neighbours and others who are going on the same route.

Plan your commute up to a week ahead.
Commute flexible. Communicate inside rides. Save money, time and health.

How commuters are benefiting


share your driving costs, save by riding and not paying transit fare


save time commuting faster, more flexible and avoiding traffic congestions


limit exposure to air pollution, stress and restricted mobility


help reduce carbon emissions, protect environment and prevent global warming

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I don’t see ride offers and requests?

Make sure that your Home and Work Areas are not the same. They must include zones around your home and work respectively. You will see only offers and requests from carpoolers with Home and Work Areas overlapping with yours.
Check if your Areas are not too narrow. If so, you can expand them increasing radiuses up to 8 kilometres and/or adding more areas. To do that, open the Areas menu.

Does Sameride app regulate a ride price?

No. Ride price is agreed between drivers and riders.
Price can be indicated in Price section when creating a ride offer or request.

Why Transit Lanes can be used by Sameride users?

Transit lanes are reserved for vehicles with 2, 3 or more people. Sameride helps find the required number of commuters to commute together to be allowed to use transit lanes.

How Sameride App makes rides relevant for commuters?

The relevance is defined by Areas and Schedule accessible in app menu. Areas need to include all your possible carpool pick-ups/drop-offs: home, parking lots, office, transit hubs. The Schedule needs to include all your possible commute days, directions and time ranges as well as drive/ride role. Having Areas and Schedule set correctly will ensure commuters see and receive notifications only about relevant ride offers and requests.

What is the difference between ride offer and request?

Ride offer is for drivers to offer a ride.
Ride request is for riders to request ride.

How much Sameride solution costs?

Our basic but functional solution is free and will remain free. We are planning to introduce a freemium model offering premium features for a monthly subscription fee.

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